Adam Otero

What's your favorite coffee drink? 

My favorite way to drink coffee is as a pour over, it’s how I brew coffee at home.

When did you first start drinking coffee? 

I started to drink coffee when I started at Starbucks in 2015. Before then I mostly drank tea.

What do you love about working in specialty coffee? 

There’s a lot I love about specialty coffee. Being able to try all kinds of different coffee is really interesting. Being able to share these high quality drinks with people is incredibly satisfying. But mostly I love catching up with regulars. Since moving to the city I have not had many friends but getting to talk to other people about all sorts of subjects has helped me feel like I belong.

What's one goal you're working toward that you're really excited about? 

I’m always working on art in some form or another. At the moment I’m learning to draw different types of flowers for a landscape.

What's your favorite jam? 

At the moment I’m really enjoying FM-84’s album Atlas. 'Running in the Night' is my favorite track right now. Unless we're talking about fruit jams, in that case it's blackberry.