On Saturday 8/17 from 12-4pm at the Hale & True Taproom (613 S 7th St), we'll have four modern takes on coffee cocktails that will make you forget all about espresso martinis. They all feature coffees from Vibrant Coffee Roasters and locally-produced cider and/or spirits. Here's the menu:

1) Foundation - flash-chilled Ethiopia Yabitu Koba & Lil' Sunshine Cider with grapefruit peel

2) Good Neighbor - flash-chilled Ethiopia Yabitu Koba & Bluecoat gin topped with tonic water

3) Rooftop Wrecker - flash-chilled Costa Rica Cattleya Natural, The Professor Cider, triple sec, ginger simple, orange peel

4) Stoop Sipper - flash-chilled Costa Rica Cattleya Natural, dark rum, citrus bitters, simple, orange peel

You'll be able to bring home discounted bags of these two coffees, as well as the usual growlers of cider. We hope to see you there!